How I Edit My Photo

Gagdet I Use :
So for the gadget i use to edit and take my photos , I use Canon D1200 DSLR CAMERA  i bought it for 20,000 or 400 $ , I also use SAMSUNG Galaxy J2 and Samsung Galaxy TaB

Photo Editing Apps:

Omg i can’t believe that i will reveal on how i edit my pastel photos so here you go

I use



Editing Techniques

So first i use Snapseed i really like snapseed because you can edit the brightness, stacture or sharpening and HDR

Second i use VSCO i have all the VSCO Filters i bought it for i think 40 pesos from my friend of mine , so presenting the filter that i use is KK2 from Krochet Kids

Tips On How To Take A Good Photo

First: Lighting i like Natural light
Second: Find Your Angle
Third: Find a clean background

Supposed to be this kind of feature is need to be VLOG (Video Blog) but i have no talents on editing videos hahahaha


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