How To Deal The Wash Day

Many of us specially students want that everyday is a wash day simply because we can wear our best outfit or should i say #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)

So here are my tips to deal a wash day
●Take a Bath

We need to take a bath not only wash day but everyday because it helps us to look clean, pretty ,well groomed and feel fresh

●Make up

Specially girls ” make up is life” to feel confidently beautiful

●Hair Style

All of us wants to have a good hair style because it helps us also to feel pretty and handsome.


Wash day will not be complete without our best outfit so this is how i deal with my outfit for wash day

So for my upper i wear a pastel pink polo its so comfy because of the fabric

I also wear Glasses from online shop

For my lower part i wear a brown pants from rrj and i just roll it to look like a jagger pants

For my shoes i wear a blue top sider from Gibi Shoes it so formal and comfy

And lastly my tote bag from SM CEBU, honestly my friend gave me this bag.

Other Photos

So that are my tips on how to Deal a Wash Day.


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