Quatro Islas Escapade

Quatro Isalas is Located at Municipality of Inopacan and Hindang , Province of leyte.

Are you wondering why is it located at Municipality of Inopacan and Hindang? Beacause of jurisdiction beacuse Himukilan Island is part of Hindang , Leyte while the three other islands (Mahaba, Apid & Digyo) is part of Inopacan, Leyte


Also known as “THE SHOE ISLAND” because of its shape , himukilan island is the oldest and biggest among the four islands , it takes to 25 minutes  travel to Himukilan Island from the Hindang Leyte
Himukilan Island is one of  the barangay of Hindang Leyte  there is 500 family living at Himukilan island , according to our tour guide there is no water there like tap water or etc.
The people there are waiting for a rain to take a bath and there is a huge “BANGA” or Container use as storage of rain water


●Nature Treking and Cave Adventure

●Swimming and Snorkelling

●Vertical Wall/Reef Diving

How to get to Himukilan Island
If you are from tacloban get a van to Hindang Leyte it takes 3 hours of traveling after that go to the municipal hall to pay for the boat 2,500 pesos and no Entrance Fee.


Is the longest Island Among the four islands , mahaba island is located at inopacan Leyte, it takes 20 minutes to get there from inopcan leyte , there is only 2 cottages at mahaba island good for overnight

●Red Shrimp Spa Tour

●Reef Slope Diving

●Sea Turtle Sightings


Is the farthest island among the four island it takes 1 hour travel from inopacan to apid island, just like Himukilan island , Apid is also a “BARIO” of Inopacan Leyte there is a population  and a elementary school there.


●”Pandan” Stripping, Handicrafts and Mat Weaving

●Nature Treking and Marine Sanctuary


Is the smallest yet the most attractive island among the four islands.

Digyo Island is also known as “VIRGIN ISLAND” , digyo was developed 2 years ago by the local Government of inopacan under the leadership of Mayor Lomarda

Digyo island have two sand bars but according of the people living at digyo the sand bars is depending there location according to the location where the air blow, it takes 35 minutes travel from Inopacan to Digyo Island.

●Oases Reef Diving

●Flimsy Islet (5 -10 Minutes walk around the island)

●Kiosk (Overnight Stay)

●Swimming and Snorkelling

●Turtle Nesting


Other Photos:

How to Get To Mahaba , Apid & Digyo Island

If you are from Tacloban get a van to Inopacan Leyte it takes 3 hours of travel then go to the Municipal Hall to pay for the entrance fee and boats then island hopping at Mahaba and Apid after the island hopping you can now enjoy swimming and see the majestic island of digyo


4000 Pesos

Overnight additional 500 pesos

Entrance Fee:
60 Pesos per Head
50 Pesos for LGU
10 Pesos for DENR

Total: 60 Pesos


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