Ormoc City “Beauty by the Bay”

Ormoc is the pioneer city of Leyte. It is the first non-provincial capital city of the philippines.
Before the Portuguese navigator, Ferdinand Magellan, reached Leyte in 1521, a handful of Malayan families lived in a small settlement called “OGMOK”- an old visayan tern for lowland or depressed plain. “OGMOK” was also the name of a spring located between the present barangays of Donghol and Mahayag. The name ORMOC, evidently, is the variation of the original name and came into use with the coming of the Spanish Conquistadores and the migration of people from the neighboring towns and islands to settle in its fertile plains.

During World War II, the bloodiest Philippine-Japanese war happened at Ormoc Bay, where an estimated number of warship sunk. Currently, One of the sunken ship have already been discovered.

On February 26, 1834, Ormoc was separated from her mother town Palompon and created into separate and distinct municipality.

Ormoc became a city through Republic Act No. 179 fathered by Congressman Domingo Veloso, which was approved on June 21, 1947. The first President of the Philippine Republic Manuel A. Roxas proclaimed Ormoc a city on September 4, 1947. By virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 42, Ormoc was formally inaugurated as a city on October 20, 1947.

Famous/Historical Landmarks

Puente De La Reina

Old Ormoc City Hall

Veterans Park

Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Church

Other Photos

Where to Stay:

Hotel Don Felipe

Tel No.: (053) 225-3580

Pongos Hotel

Tel Nos.: (053) 255-2540 / 255-2211 / 561-8503

Ormoc Villa Hotel

Tel Nos.: (053) 255-5003 / 561-9744

Sabin Resort Hotel

Tel Nos.: (053) 255-3801 / 561-4200

Where to Dine:

Andok’s Litson

Big Roy’s Resto

Yoyo’s Seafood Place

Sal’s Bar and Restaurant

Recreational Facilities:

Sports Center & Outdoor Shops

Badminton City

Ormoc Superdome

Leyte Golf and Country Club

Disco Pads and Coffee Bars


Club Hyde

Lornzo’s Cafe

Vivo ktv bar

Bo’s Coffee

Beach and Resorts

Cazar Beach

Highland Paradissu

Sal’s Beach Resort

Shopping / Social Centers


A- mall

Gaisano Mall

Gaisano Riverside Mall

Robinsons Supermarket

Tourist Spot

Lake Danao

Lake Danao is one of the tourist spot here in Ormoc City

Lake Danao is known by its breathtaking  guitar shaped lake ( airial view)

Lake Danao is located at City of Ormoc in Western leyte , Philippines

Lake Danao measures approximately 2,193 hectares

How to go there:

If you are from Ormoc City proper go to the terminal and take a bus or multicab going to lake danao 40 pesos per head


If you want to swim or try the activities:

There are land and floating cottages, view deck, kayak, banca and eco-lodge

The land cottages is 200-300 pesos it depends the space while the floating cottage is 150 per hour

Floating cottage is made of bamboo or “KAWAYAN” in visayan language

The kayak is 150 pesos per hour while the banca is 150-200 pesos per unlimited hour but if you want to see only the beautyfull view of the lake there have a viewdeck.


25 pesos for head (adult)
15 pesos per head ( kids below 3 ft
2 years old below (free)

The lake:

According to the tourist guide wayback 2008  their was a german national diver, dives the lake but he didn’t make it to reached the lake floor.


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